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A guide to animal diseases in South African Game
Author: Pamela & Peter Oberem
Price: R 245.00
Beesboerdery Skepping Mens
Author: Andre' Mentz
Price: R 190.00
Caring for Natural Rangelands
Author: Ken Coetzee
Price: R 195.00
Essential guide to calving
Author: Heather Smith Thomas
Price: R 275.00
Game Ranch Management Fifth Edition
Author: J du P Bothma & JG du Toit
Price: R 800.00
Author: Dr. Jean A. Cilliers
Price: R 250.00
Karoo Veld Ecology and Management
Author: Karen J. Esler, Sue J. Milton, W.Richard J. Dean
Price: R 220.00
Karooveld Ekologie en Bestuur
Author: Karen J.Esler, Sue J. Milton & W.Richard J.Dean
Price: R 220.00
Author: Brian Callaghan, E.P. Nel and SALOV
Price: R 180.00
Olives & Oils in South Africa
Author: Wendy Flanagan & Reni Hildenbrand
Price: R 149.00
Pasture Handbook
Price: R 219.30
Pasture Management in South Africa
Author: Neil Tainton
Price: R 335.00
Author: Heather Smith Thomas
Price: R 250.00
Storey's guide to raising chicken
Author: Gail Damerow
Price: R 250.00
Storey's guide to raising dairy goats
Author: Jerry Belanger
Price: R 250.00
Storey's Guide to Raising Llamas
Author: Gale Birutta
Price: R 235.00
Storey's guide to raising pigs
Author: Kelly Klober
Price: R 250.00
Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry
Author: Leonard S. Mercia
Price: R 250.00
Storey's guide to raising sheep
Author: Paula Simmons & Carol Ekarius
Price: R 250.00
The Family Cow
Author: Dirk van Loon
Price: R 225.00
The Farming Handbook
Author: Barry Smith
Price: R 280.00
The holistic alternative: A guide to cattle farming in South Africa
Author: Andre Mentz
Price: R 190.00
Trends and Policy Challenges in the Rural Economy
Author: Susan de Villiers
Price was: R 110.00
Special Price: R 55.00
Author: Faan Schutte
Price: R 250.00
Where there is no vet
Author: Bill Forse
Price: R 433.00
Author: J. du P. Bothma
Price: R 739.00
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