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Karoo rock engravings
Author: John Parkington, David Morris & Neil Rusch
The Karoo is an ancient landform with characteristic rock strata, topography, vegetation and climate. Named from the languages of the pre-colonial hunter gatherers and pastoralists, this arid region boasts a rich archaeological record of tens of millions of stone artefacts and perhaps a million engraved images, sometimes called petroglyphs. Although there are paintings, the majority of them geometric shapes on small overhangs, most images are incised, pecked or scraped onto boulders in the veld, often along prominent ridges. Eland, quagga, gemsbok, hartebeest, giraffe, elephant and rhino attest to the extraordinary attraction of large game animals to the pre-colonial engravers. The absence of small animals and plants, and the relative rarity of human figures, is equally important but more enigmatic. Later imagery is dominated by non-representational forms that are more difficult to interpret without written commentaries. Here we describe the contexts and contents of this rock art and link engraving to the lives and belief systems of the engravers.
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