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San Rock Engravings Marking the Karoo Landscape
Author: John Parkington & Neil Rusch
The vast spaces of the Karoo abound with images pecked, incised or engraved onto rock surfaces. These landscape markings, generally known simply as ‘rock engravings’, were created in the pre-colonial period by San hunter-gatherers who roamed this land in search of sustenance and water. Their engravings most commonly (though not always) depict animals such as eland, quagga or elephant, and reflect, in fascinating and unusual ways, the relationship of the San to the harsh environment of the Karoo. San Rock Engravings explores the visual legacy of these ancient artists, the signs they left on the land and the meanings that could be attached to them. Neil Rusch’s superb photographs, complemented by John Parkington’s thought-provoking text, bring to life these enigmatic markings and the way of life of their creators.
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