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Manna in the Desert
Author: Alfred De Jager Jackson
There is no place on earth quite like the Great Karoo. Time has stood still there, in certain respects. Some of the tortoises are now well into their 150th year of life, and are still drinking from some of the same watering points they were drinking from in the 1860s, still residing in the shade of the mimosa trees, still sharing their habitat with other animals, both wild and domestic, and with the humans who occupy and farm the land.
This book will touch you deeply, warm your heart and rekindle in you a sense of the wonder of nature and of life in the days of long ago. It will carry you along on ripples of varied emotions as little cameos unfold of how even the most ordinary of people and creatures had such an extraordinary impact on a young boy that he chose, in later life, to immortalise them in a book like this.
Price: R 250.00
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