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A Platteland Pilgrimage
Author: Philippe Menache
Following the successful launch of our first book, “101 Country churches of South Africa,” my co-author Darryl David and I were very keen to extend our offering to the book-reading public, and this resulted in the production of our second book, “A Platteland Pilgrimage: 102 Country churches of South Africa.”

Our new book contains considerably more detail than the first one – we have included more church interiors, showing features such as organs, pulpits, galleries and stained glass windows, we have described more history, we have explored the relationship of the church vis-a-vis the town or village where it is situated, and have also included more than one photo per church where we could. There is a four-page section featuring South Africa’s best-known church architects, and an easy-to-read double-page map, showing where each town is placed.
Price: R 250.00
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