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My Children have Faces
Author: Carol Campbell
Suspenseful, moving novel about the nomadic karretjiemense of the Karoo.

It’s been 15 years of hiding for Muis. Now, with the Karoo veld so dry, Kapok, her man, insists on pointing their donkiekarretjie to Leeu Gamka, the one place Muis never wants to see again. Miskiet is waiting for her there and is go­ing to make her pay for what she did. Little Witpop is excited. Town means she can watch TV and maybe go to school, while her brother Fansie hopes there will be more food for him and their baby sister, Sponsie. Their return unleash­es the devil and has them desperately fleeing. The police can’t help if you don’t have papers to prove that you were born. Vividly showing the invisible people of the Great Karoo, Carol Campbell’s thrilling novel brings the nomadic kar­retjiemense to life. - See more at: http://www.randomstruik.co.za/books/my-children-have-faces/4974#sthash.5sTDi6S1.dpuf
Price: R 170.00
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