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Author: Renata Coetzee and Volker Miros
The history of a group of people's culinary customs over the ages eventually becomes their cultural history, and Koekemakranka is the evidence thereof. Renata Coetzee has made her extensive research on the Khoi-Khoin, in particular their culinary culture, available to the broad public, in this beautiful book.

In this account of the age-old culinary traditions of the Khoi-Khoin, is also told the story of their culture ad lifestyle from then to now. The story of their music and their ramkie with just one string, their traditional attire, their eating utensils, their dwelling places, and even a description of how a matjies-hut is made, is included in this publication.

The stories told by the Khoi-Khoin people, who can still remember how things were done a few decades back - and are still being practiced in some places - creates in this books an exceptional reading experience, along with the 300 picturesque photographs by Volker Micros.

Tho the more conservation-aware, there is ample advice and practical tops for the cultivation of an own veld-food garden and a timely warning on plants that are moving towards extinction, and are not to be used in the private gardens. To ensure that the Khoi-Khoin's everyday food can continue on the tables of all, the book is concluded with a variety of recipes.
Price: R 295.00
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