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Star gazer's deep space atlas
Author: Wayne Mitchell
The second edition of this Atlas has all the useful features found in the First Edition, such as the explanatory notes, all-sky maps and the maps of individual constellations, but there are many thoughtful additions that will add to the pleasure of learning about and observing the night sky. Beginners will find the naked eye guided tours using the All Sky Maps as detailed in the "Where Do I Start?" and the "Sky Tour for Beginners" sections particularly useful and the latter will also be a good place to start for a person who has just acquired his or her first telescope showing as it does the location of some of the more accessible telescopic objects and therefore serving as an introduction to viewing star clusters, gaseous nebulae and galaxies. Experienced observers will still enjoy the lists of deep sky objects in the detailed description of each constellation.
The paper on which the book is printed is of excellent quality, and, although not totally waterproof, is more resistant to dew than ordinary paper. This aspect helps fulfill the book's stated intention of being used for "Outdoor viewing". The spiral binding is retained, but also now added are two book marks which can be used to keep accessible the location of particular pages that are being referenced.
Price: R 399.00
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