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Gardening with Keith Kirsten
Author: Keith Kirsten
This edition of this popular title has been completely revised. It remains a practical, illustrated guide that is suitable for all gardeners, from novice to experienced, but has been updated to incorporate new plant species that will flourish in South African gardens. The bulk of the book comprises directories of over 2000 plants (trees, shrubs, perennials, creepers etc), incorporating a brief description, plus handy symbols that depict growing conditions, such as sun and water requirements, hardiness to frost, and whether the plant is decidous, evergreen or flowering. Where practical, specially selected indigenous plants and locally-bred hybrids have been included, as these tend to be adapted to local conditions, making them more waterwise than their exotic alternatives. A brief introduction covers planning and design, garden maintenance, and how to handle pests and diseases. The book concludes with a handy list of plants, grouped according to their suitability for particular circumstances, such as growing in containers, in full or partial shade, or to provide flowers for the vase.
Price: R 250.00
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