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Historical incidence of the larger land mammals in the broader Eastern Cape
Author: CJ Skead
The book Historical mammal incidence in the Cape Province: Volume 2 - The eastern half of the Cape Province, including the Ciskei, Transkei and East Griqualand was first published in 1987, by the erstwhile Chief
Directorate: Nature and Environmental Conservation of the Provincial Administration of the Cape of Good
Hope, Cape Town. The author is the late C J (Jack) Skead, a legendary naturalist, scientist and historian
in the Eastern Cape (see ‘The Author’).
A Second Edition, titled Historical incidence of the larger land mammals in the broader Eastern Cape and
including a revised, re-edited and expanded text, additional tables and maps, completely revised species
distribution maps, and a number of illustrations, has now been published.
This unique book brings together a huge amount of information, from a large variety of otherwise obscure sources – most notably the journals of early naturalists, travellers, hunters and farmers – on the historical distribution of the larger mammal species of the region. These include the herbivores (plant-eaters)
– such as the elephant, the rhinoceros and various kinds of antelopes, and the carnivores (flesh-eaters)
– such as the lion, the leopard and the hunting dog.
It provides information on the status and movements of the game animals, and on the possible early human influences on their populations. It also includes
chapters on interesting gaps in distribution patterns of certain species, and species exterminated in, and introduced to, the region. The book incorporates a review of the recent status of the various species.
The information in the book enables a fascinating picture to be created of the larger mammals that occupied the highly diverse landscapes of the region at the time when it was being settled by Black and White
pastoralists and agriculturalists, mainly from the 17th century onwards.
The author provides interesting and useful interpretations of the information at hand, thereby helping us to understand the intricate relationships between the mammals and their habitats, and the possible reasons for the decrease in range and numbers of many species, and for the increase shown by others. As such, the book is of significant value to scholars, natural scientists, historians, conservation managers
and environmental impact assessment practitioners. Important information for the environmentally and economically sustainable development of the burgeoning ecotourism and game-ranching industries in the broader Eastern Cape is made available.
Information in the book is also useful for guiding expansion planning of extant protected areas (national
and provincial parks, and local nature reserves), and the establishment of new ones, in the region.
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